Home use program

Virusscandiscount.com motivates employees to use their home devices securely by offering the best security software with high employer discount rates.

Why security for employees' home use devices?

Employees have been online 24/7 since the mass adoption of smartphones and apps that require internet access. The organization gains an extra IT challenge due to the mixing of private and business of devices. Virusscandiscount.com motivates employees to use their private devices securely, by offering the best security solutions at irresistible employee-discounts.

Virusscandiscount.com offers total protection solutions

A first step in the right security direction is a good virusscanner and firewall. Traditional security doesn't cut it to keep you protected nowadays, hackers develop smart virusses that counter traditional scanners and firewalls. Thats where extra security software comes in: parental control, password managers, secure banking and websecurity.

How does the employee discount work?

  1. We contact you about the communication to the employees, security software and payment options. We have a variety of marketing kits available to facilitate communicating to your employees.
  2. Employees receive a personal discount code and select the prefered security software on a branded campaign page on virusscandiscount.com
  3. The software is distributed digitally and can be downloaded and activated in an instant.
  4. Before the expiry date of the license, the employee will be informed about renewing their license and will receive the same employee discount. It is also possible to switch software if an employee prefers to do so.

Budget and payments

The employee has the ability to pay with iDeal, creditcard or PayPal. If the employer would like to compensate the security for the employees, a single invoice will be send to the organization.

Branded campaign landing page

Part of the employee discount is the personalized campaign landing page to refer to from any kind of channel. We can customize the message and contents to your liking.

Learn more about our homeuse program, or receive a quotation? Contact us.